Magical Vacation Cartridge - JRPG (GBA)

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Magical Vacation (English Translated)
  • Game Cartridge w/ Clear Protective Case
Game Description 

Complete English Translated version of the Japanese exclusive RPG Magical Vacation for the Game Boy Advance.

Magical Vacation is the first game developed by Brownie Brown, who developed Mother 3 (aka Earthbound 2) for the Game Boy Advance. Magical Vacation is the prequel to the spiritual successor, Magical Starsign which was later released for the Nintendo DS.

In Magical Vacation the player interacts with the overworld to progress the story while battling against enemies in a turn-based battle system. There are 16 different elements in the game, each of which is stronger than another specific element, and weaker against another. Exceptions to this rule are: the love element (not stronger or weaker than any of the other elements), the dark element (stronger than all other elements except for love and light), and the light element (no weakness).

The player can increase the power of attacks by borrowing power from elemental spirits in a process called Seirei Combo. To use a spirit combo, the player must summon an elemental spirit, and use magic of the same element in the following turns to release vast amounts of damage. Attack power is doubled per spirit present, meaning 2 spirits would create 4 times as much damage, and 3 spirits would create 8 times as much. The maximum combo (7 spirits) yields 128 times as much damage. The power of basic magic can surpass that of advanced magic if the player uses this combo.