Resident Evil Gaiden - (GBC)

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Resident Evil Gaiden
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Game Description 
Resident Evil Gaiden stars Barry Burton as he explores a luxury cruise ship from an overhead perspective. Leon Kennedy was originally sent to investigate the Starlight in order to find and dismantle a deadly bioorganic weapon created by the Umbrella Corporation. Since that time Kennedy has been presumed missing, and it is up to players to unravel the mystery behind his disconcerting disappearance.

The game is divided into two distinct phases: exploration and combat. The majority of action is spent exploring the four decks of the cruise ship (and later a submarine) while moving in and out of 100 rooms. Burton will be able to pick up items like herbs and weapons to store in inventory, read documents on a PDA, and shake off enemies by pushing them away. Throughout each room are zombies lurking about, who will move to attack players as soon as they are spotted. 

Battle mode is activated by pressing and holding down a button to target an enemy using a cursor. This switches the game to a first-person perspective, where attacks are initiated by watching a horizontal meter at the bottom of the targets. Once the slider appears directly over a zombie, players fire their weapon to cause damage. If the slider appears in between targets, the shot will miss. As players explore the vessel, they will eventually encounter a girl named Lucia and the missing Leon Kennedy. Players can switch between all three characters after they are found and record their progress to one of three save files.