Pokemon Crystal Clear v2.5.10 (Gameboy Color GBC)

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Custom Fan Made game.  What makes it unique is that it is entirely open world - there is no main story and you're free to play however you want. It's almost like a Pokemon version of Skyrim. You can choose to start your adventure in either Pallet or New Bark Town. But from there, where you go is up to you. HM traps, plot-based roadblocks, and other obstructions have all been removed, leaving the whole map open for you to explore from the start. There's even a bridge added so you can travel straight from Johto to Kanto (or vice-versa). RTC on this cartridge is static. However, each time you start the game you are able to set the clock to change the time. 


There is minor trainer customization (appearance and starting town) and you can tackle all 16 gyms in any order. Gym leaders' levels and team compositions will scale up based on the number of badges you have. After you've conquered them all, you can re-battle them at whatever 'badge scale' you wish, to take on their strongest or weakest teams. You need a total of 8 badges (any 8) to challenge the Elite Four.

Version 2.5.10 (label art may vary)

Fixed PokeDex Bugs from older version 2.5.9

All 251 Pokemon made obtainable

7 different male and female trainer sprites to choose from, with basic color customization

28 different selectable starter Pokemon

Restoration of Kanto dungeons (Safari Zone, Cerulean Cave, Seafoam Islands, etc.)

Following-Pokemon, and unique menu sprites for each Pokemon species

Running shoes, and fast-travel options

Dedicated NPC for trade-back evolution

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Super helpful and respectful

    My cartridge showed up and didn't save properly at first, and when I asked about it a fresh cartridge was shipped out to me, no questions asked. Super fast response to all inquiries. Thanks man! Will definitely order from here again.

    Orian Hullinger
    Very Good

    The couple hours of the game I have played have been smooth and bug free. I am genuinely enjoying this title.

    Shawn Roche
    10/10 will order from again

    Great seller.

    Incredible experience

    I was hesitant to buy a ROM hack game to be played on an actual console, but I was very pleased to see it worked perfectly fine. I played on my SP and everything worked like it was an original GBC game, which was an incredible experience. The actual game by ShockSlayer is incredible, and an improvement on the original Crystal in just about every conceivable way. I cannot recommend this game enough, it was so much fun and enjoyable and I just loved every bit of it.

    The only problem I had was that the game crashes every so often. Sometimes after a couple hours, sometimes after 10 minutes. This was very annoying and inconsistent, but to just save more often and turning it off and on again does the trick just fine. The fact that this is my only complaint says a lot about the game.

    I will definitely get another game here in time. Playing on my old SP with new, fan- made games is a wonderfully fulfilling experience I recommend to any Pokemon fan. Many thanks for the great product!

    Zach Stevens
    Great Customer Service

    Thank you so much for accommodating my request! Even starting the game and seeing the test save file made me feel like they listen to their customers. I will be buying from them again.