Metal Gear Solid (GBC)

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Metal Gear Solid
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Metal Gear Solid for the Nintendo Game Boy Color shares the same name as the PlayStation game. Set seven years after the events of the original MSX game by Hideo Kojima, Solid Snake is called back into action. A new group of terrorists has taken over Outer Heaven and poses a threat to the world. Outer Heaven houses nuclear weapons, and it's up to Snake to retrieve these weapons and stop the terrorists. The first thing you'll notice about the Game Boy version of Metal Gear Solid is the overhead view. It's closer to the 2-D view of NES games, but the gameplay remains the same as the other games in this franchise. Metal Gear Solid revolves around stealth, tasking the player with avoiding enemies rather than fighting them. This title uses gameplay systems introduced in the original Metal Gear game to help you maneuver around opponents. To distract enemies, Snake can knock on walls. He can also hide in tall grass, press himself against a wall, and sneak on his stomach. You'll need to avoid not only human soldiers but also security cameras and dogs. If you're spotted, your mission will get much harder as the enemies go into a "red alert" mode. Luckily, you have a few different options for dealing with your assailants. You can use your fists to knock out any guard quickly. You also have an array of armaments available to deal with foes, including pistols and machine guns, or you can attempt to evade your opponents and hide. After a few tense minutes, they will call off the search. Every time you're spotted, your score at the end of the level decreases. The overall goal is to complete each level without being seen even once. This handheld Metal Gear title is divided into 13 distinct stages. You can replay a stage from the Level Select screen if you want to aim for a new ranking. Once you finish the story, there are advanced missions you can complete. These missions add new objectives and enemies to each map. It will also reveal new information about the events of the story, so you can enjoy extra hours of exciting gameplay. There are also 180 VR missions to play through. Each of these missions will test your stealth skills. This GBC game was the first Metal Gear title to feature multiplayer mode. The Vs. Battle mode supports up to two players as they go head-to-head in combat, so you can play with other friends who have a Game Boy Color.This Game Boy Color title is rated E for Everyone, a rating means the title is suitable for gamers of all ages. You can also play this title on a Game Boy Advance system. Metal Gear Solid had an original release date in 2000. It has gone on to receive recognition as one of the best titles in the series by fans and critics alike.